About me

Ramona Wagner - city guideMy name is Ramona Wagner and I work as a city guide in Chemnitz. I was not born in Chemnitz – or to be exact, in Karl-Marx-Stadt – but I live and work in this town for nearly 40 years. And: I enjoy living here! But I also got to know that Karl-Marx-Stadt of the 1960s and 1970s when I was a child or later as an apprentice in a spinning machine company because I am rooted in the closer surrounding district.

I love to show my home town to guests as well as drawing the attention of people living in Chemnitz to the nice and interesting spots of the city and their characteristics. Therefore, I made a special training and examination at the Chemnitz Chamber of Industry and Commerce some years ago.

Chemnitz inspires me, but as an engineer I am passionate about everything related to the history and development of the Chemnitz industry.

I am a member of the German National Tourist Guide Association (BVGD) and via the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) in contact to tourist guides from different European countries.

I am looking forward to welcome you to a guided tour in Chemnitz and the surrounding district.